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February 10, 2011
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-Draft- Halo mod schematics by Diaboy -Draft- Halo mod schematics by Diaboy
Update IV: Probably the most updated this will get! Went for a different colour scheme...

Some of the weapons to go in to a Halo CE SP mod I am planning.

Things have kinda ground to a halt with my whole job search going on, but hey, thought I'd put the latest stuff up. I've also done a sawn off version of the Halo shotgun that looks pretty sweet, but I don't know what I'm doing with that so I left it off xD

From top to bottom!

M6C Magnum - as per the Halo Reach magnum concepts, but sans autolink scope and with a parkerised polymer finish. Not modelled.

M7 SMG - Based on the Halo 3 SMG with my own customised details, as I don't really like the stock SMG. Was going to have a little window in the magazine, but the ammunition glowed a violent yellow (engine limitations...) but I was successful in getting it to work, so I might opt for some simpler glowing lights or something. The model doesn't have the holographic sight as I couldn't get the mount to look right, will attack that one again in the future.

MA5K - Based on Isaac Hannaford's concepts for Halo Reach and the Ghosts of Onyx cover, and a bit of my own in the mix. I've mostly modelled this one, just needs a texture now, then some animations.

MA3 - Based of the SPIW Flechette rifle, one of the ODST concepts and my own musings. Looks a bit more like a real weapon now rather than a super soaker. It fires a much larger round, if you notice :) it also has a double magazine taped together, could make for a more interesting reload animation.

M392 SR - I looked at the DMR concepts to create this slightly heavier version of the DMR. It has harder hitting ammo and a better zoom, but a smaller magazine. A quick sniper, if you like. And yeah yeah the barrel is shorter, I just wanted something that looked a bit different really x3

M247 GMPG - Scaled it down a bit, changed it a bit more from the original. This view is missing the ammunition feed ramp, I removed it for clarity.

M99 Stanchion - Completely changed this one! Shoulder mounted railgun for the win. The whole barrel collapses down to reduce recoil, and it has a cool bolt/breech thing that whacks out the back when it fires. The scope hangs off the side, I've removed it for clarity again.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy. Any blinding insights and let me know!
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I recognize the M99 from Contact Harvest.
Well done on this! :iconclapplz: :iconclappingplz:
Hahaha, thanks! Its probably the most original design there I guess, wish I was a better 3D modeller to do the next step though...
Cheers for the comment :D
elijarman Aug 26, 2012  Student Artist
these would be awesome to have in a halo game
SplinteredMatt Aug 21, 2012  Student General Artist
This is absolutely fantastic. Nice work!
Sheer Halo brillance! If they ever actually made the Guass Rifle... i think the definition of 'Vehicle Wrecker' would change forever! :evillaugh: But all of these weapons look like authentic Halo universe weapons (The Reach magnum and Halo 2 SMG notwithstanding) Wonderful job, keep up the good work.
I've actually since redone a lot of these designs, and I got round to modelling a lot of it but I lost a lot of steam on the project for now... I'll come back to it some day soon hopefully! May upload the newer versions...

But thanks! Was a bit of fun to do, I based a lot of it on Hannaford's concepts that didn't make it. They are hella cool.

And yes. Sadly the Halo 1 engine doesn't quite do what I want with the Stanchion, but it sounds pretty awesome :)
wow, this looks amazing
Glad to see someone making the halo guns we've heard about but never saw. except the smg of course.
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